Panth Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of good quality of castings in all grades – of steels and all types of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Casting (WCB, SS, alloy, MN Steel, Duplex Casting, and Aluminum Bronze) complete with the prescribed heat treatment. Maximum per piece casting weight can be up to 300 Kg.

It was founded by Jignesh Patel on 1st August, 2007, and currently has a pan-India presence with highest penetration in Maharashtra, Karnataka, M. P. and Gujarat.

The company holds ISO 9001:2015 and CRISIL ratings, making it very reliable when it comes to quality and efficiency.
Panth Industries operates with the primary objective to provide highest standards of accuracy by deploying high quality machines and equipments.

Our foundry employs CO2 sand molding process with liquid silicate binder. We have resin/hardner molding facility is available. This process offers advantages of speed, accuracy, good dimensional tolerances and excellent casting surface finish.

We have an efficient team of research and development on board. The staff and workers are well trained and the entire production process is subject to stage wise quality assurance system.

We understand the fact that Manufacturing Industry responsible for largely contributing towards the overall economy of the country. Manufacturing Industry accounts for about 30% of the country’s GDP and by 2022 around 100 million people will be employed in this Sector, and India ranks second Manufacturing Competitiveness Index worldwide.

Considering how important Manufacturing Industry is to our countries development, we offer an extensive range of Casting Solutions matching the requirements of Valve Manufactures, Pump Manufactures, Cement Plant, Heavy Engineering Companies, and Steel Plants,
As a result, we not only help Manufactures manufacture good products, but also improve the quality of finished products through the eco-friendly quality of our Solutions.

We ensure our products are accessible to all. We are the best one-stop solution on all Casting Grades.
Before being dispatched in the market, the products are tested through our meticulously designed process to re check the Metallurgical Properties of Casting
Apart from being eco-friendly, our products are also highly affordable and Durable.

We operate with a fixed pricing policy as our intentions are to ensure that our products are available at the most competitive prices and are accessible to all.

The production and manufacturing processes are carried out under the supervision of an expert team that ensures smooth functioning of the entire operation.

Above all, occupational safety of our employees is ensured through frequent trainings, periodic inspections and emphasis on risk assessments and safe habits at workplace.